Ready to prove your programming skills (and have some fun while you’re at it)? With an online round of algorithmic puzzles and an in-person championship round, Code Kerfuffle gives you plenty of opportunities to soar above the competition and take home prizes totaling $50,000.
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First Round: March 9, 2019
10 AM to 1 PM MST, Online
Final Round: March 16, 2019
11 AM to 4 PM MST, Lucid HQ
10355 S Jordan Gateway #150, South Jordan, UT 84095
First Round
March 9th
Your mission: Solve as many algorithmic puzzles as you can in three hours. This round will take place online (run through HackerRank), starting at 10:00 AM, and the competitor who receives the most points from correctly solved puzzles in the fastest time wins $5,000.
Even if you aren’t victorious in this round—don’t worry. The top competitors will still have a chance at glory in our head-to-head competition.
Final Round
March 16th
32 of the top performers from our first round will compete against each other at Lucid HQ for the $10,000 grand prize. All participants who receive an invitation to and participate in our on-site round will receive $500. During this round, you’ll compete using the programming language of your choice in melee and bracket-style tournaments. With big money and bragging rights on the line, you’ll need to bring your computer with you and be prepared to tussle (figuratively, of course).
3rd place in tournament $1,000
2nd place in tournament $5,000
1st place in tournament $10,000
What will I win?
Those who participate in the online and/or in-person rounds of Code Kerfuffle will have several chances to win prize money.
First Round (Online)
1st place $5,000
2nd place $2,000
3rd place $1,000
While supplies last, we’ll send everyone who participates in this round a free T-shirt (make sure to enter your shirt size and shipping address!). All participants who receive an invitation to and participate in our on-site round will receive $500.
Final Round
Melee Rounds
1st round winner $3,000
2nd round winner $2,000
3rd round winner $1,000
4th round winner $1,000
5rd round winner $1,000
6th round winner $1,000
Tournament Round
1st place $10,000
2nd place $5,000
3rd place $1,000
4rd place $1,000
What programming language(s) will the competition be in?
The First Round will involve algorithmic puzzles in a variety of programming languages. See a full list of the programming languages supported by HackerRank. For the Final Round, competitors can use the programming language of their choice.
Who is sponsoring Code Kerfuffle?
Code Kerfuffle is an event created and sponsored by Lucid. For more information, visit
Practice Problems
Check out our practice problems here.
The programming languages that HackerRank support can be found here.
Contest is open to U.S. residents, 18 years of age or older.
Current or former employees of Lucid are ineligible to compete.
In the online round, the winner will be determined by the highest number of points, awarded through correctly solving problems within the three hours allotted. In the case of a tie, the competitor with the fastest time will win.
The top 32 performers from the first round will be invited to compete in our on-site championship. In the case that one of these individuals cannot attend, we will continue to invite competitors based on their standing from the online round.
See the complete rules and Terms and Conditions for Code Kerfuffle.